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Automotive Waxing Service near Iowa City IA: Are you looking for the BestAutomotive Waxing Service near Iowa City IA ? Mobile Mechanics of Iowa City Iowa City, Waxing has many benefits, ranging from giving a car a showroom look to protecting its clear coat from pollution, UV rays, and water. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Automotive Waxing Service around Iowa City IA. We serve Iowa City IAand other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Automotive Waxing

Automotive Waxing Service near Iowa City IA: Automotive detailing, you will learn how to make vehicles look great, which can in turn help with maintaining their value. Waxing is an important part of this. Waxing has many benefits, ranging from giving a car a showroom look to protecting its clear coat from pollution, UV rays, and water.

When you encounter clients in your career who aren’t sure about whether or not to have their car waxed, you can help them understand the advantages that this service offers. Read on to learn a little more about the benefits of car wax.

Professional Automotive Detailing and Waxing Preserves a Car’s Value

A large goal of professional automotive detailing is to help clients’ cars keep their value, and wax plays a significant role in achieving that. Wax provides a barrier between the car’s clear coat and the outside world. Environmental pollutants from rainwater, roads, and polluted air frequently come in contact with a car. When wax is applied, the surface of the car becomes even more water repellent, so that splashes from dirty puddles or rain water will more easily roll off, carrying grime away with the water. Preserving the paint’s quality helps cars reach a better resale value down the road.

Waxing Is a Part of Auto Detailing That Makes Other Maintenance Easier

When a car is waxed, it’s more difficult for dirt and grime to build up on the vehicle. Water and air aren’t able to deposit filth as easily on the exterior, so the car doesn’t need to be taken for a wash as often. This saves a client both money and time, making their car maintenance a little bit less difficult. With less dirt spending time in contact with the paint, the potential for damage to occur is also lessened, reducing the need for maintenance on the car’s paint down the road.

How to Tell When Your Car Needs Waxing

Deciding whether a car needs waxing can be tricky because the protective layer and shine will reduce very slowly and is imperceptible to the naked eye. Expert valeters and detailing specialists often use gloss measuring devices to help make the decision for them, but it can be hard for car owners to tell when their paintwork is due another coat of wax.

Luckily, we have decades of experience in car care, and are here to pass on the knowledge. Here are some key factors for the driveway detailer to help you decide when it’s best to protect your car’s paintwork.

Water Droplets

An easy way to tell when your car needs waxing is to watch how water runs off it – if it doesn’t form nice beads then you need to wax your car again, or top it up with a quick detailing wax.


Consider the type of environment you do most of your driving in. If, for example, your car is often parked under trees, you’ll want to keep the wax topped up to protect it from the sap. Salt is also harmful to paintwork, so if you live near the coast you should be more careful and wax regularly. Smog, dirt, UV rays and cold temperatures can all harm the exterior as well. The environment is definitely something to consider when weighing up how regularly you need to wax your car.

Type of Wax

The wax you use will affect how regularly you need to reapply it. Some waxes last for months and withstand many washes, while others will come off when you shampoo the car. Quick detailing products, for example Simoniz Quickshine Detailer Wax, go on easily to provide an instant shine, so they’re easy to use after washing, but the effects only last for a short period. Hard waxes like the Simoniz Original Wax contain carnauba, one of the hardest naturally-occurring waxes known to man, so you’ll only need to apply this type of product every few months to guarantee maximum protection. But if you don’t have time there are other quick wax options which offer protection and shine, you’ll just have to top it up more regularly. The guide below will help you pick one:

How to Wax Your Car

Automotive Waxing Service near Iowa City IA:

Step 1: Wash and Dry Your Car

It goes without saying that your car should be clean and dry before you think about applying wax. Use a good-quality car shampoo and the two-bucket method (to prevent grit damaging the paintwork), before drying everything off with a chamois or microfiber towel. If the paintwork has any swirl marks or light scratches, consider polishing it to remove these before you apply a coat of wax.

Step 2: Waxing Your Car

We’d recommend using a hard car wax like Simoniz Original Wax, as this provides the very best protection for your car’s paintwork. Apply a small amount of wax with a clean cloth to a small section at a time. Then, with a second cloth, buff the wax to a high shine before moving on to the next section. Using this method will ensure wax doesn’t set hard on the paintwork, making it difficult to remove.

Tip – dampen your applicator cloth before applying wax to make it easier to spread the wax evenly on the paintwork; this will also prevent the wax drying out, giving you more time to buff it.

Step 3 – Use a Detailer Wax Between Applications

Between scheduled wax applications, you can top up your car’s protective wax layer with a detailer spray product, like Simoniz Quickshine. This will give your paintwork a glossy finish while ensuring that it’s always protected, which is important if you’re only waxing your car twice a year.

11 Benefits Of Waxing Your Car That Makes It Look Brand New

Automotive Waxing Service near Iowa City IA: Many people wash their cars frequently to keep their paint in great shape. After all, it is very important to keep dirt off your car by washing it. Surprisingly, most people don’t know all the reasons why waxing is so important.

Here is a list of 11 benefits of waxing your car.

  • Protects Against Scratches
  • Shields Dirt from Your Paint
  • Makes Your Car Look Shiny
  • Helps Maintain the Paint
  • Makes Your Car Easier to Clean
  • Repels Water
  • Keeps Your Car Clean Longer
  • Adds Another Protective Layer to Your Paint
  • Protects Against Sun Damage
  • Keeps Your Car Looking New
  • Helps Mask Imperfections

Unfortunately, many of these people who strive to keep their car’s paint in great condition overlook waxing their car, which has many benefits in addition to washing.

Waxing your car is an essential step to keeping your car clean and must not beoverlooked. Read on to find out more!


Automotive Waxing Service near Iowa City IA:

  • If you’re worried about getting wax on certain pieces, use masking tape or plastic to cover them. Make sure the tape is sticky but not too much; otherwise it will be hard getting the tape off your vehicle.
  • Applying more wax is better than applying too little. It will definitely be harder to get all the wax off your car if you do get too much on there, but don’t be afraid to be generous.
  • Black cars are harder to wax. Just like with white cars, black cars show everything. There are specially-formulated waxes for black cars, so search these out if you need.
  • If this is your first time waxing your car, pick up the most basic wax at your local auto parts store. Not necessarily the cheapest, it should be something you feel comfortable applying. Use this as your baseline wax. If, in the future, you feel adventurous, try another brand.
  • Waxing your car can be a great way to pretty it up for pictures if you intend to sell it. It’s been said that we buy with our eyes first, so appeal to the masses with a shiny, like-new wax on your for-sale vehicle.


Costs to wax a car

Automotive Waxing Service near Iowa City IA: Although waxing your car yourself will save money, a quality wax typically costs $15 or less taking your car to a professional detailer is another option.

Carter charges between $55 and $150 for a wax job, which also includes a complete exterior detail of the car a hand wash and dry, cleaning and degreasing of the wheels, and cleaning the door jams, trunk seals and windows while Smith says he charges $130 for a standard hand car wash, detail and wax job.

According to Cost Helper, vehicle owners reported paying $40 to $90 for a basic professional wash and wax. A hand wax job shouldn’t be confused with a wax application often offered through automated car washes.

How Much Does Car Waxing Cost?

If you want your car to look new again, the answer is car detailing. For $60 to $75, you can get a thorough detailing that goes beyond a normal car wash. For $150, you can get a more extensive clean that may be enough for a car in good condition. If you can handle higher car detailing prices, you can get a cut and polish treatment that gets rid of exterior wear and tear for around $300.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Car Detailing

Detailers base their prices on the number of services included in a professional car detailing package. A basic detailing starts with a thorough wash. Detailers may use special cleaners to remove tar and other sticky substances. A wax may be all that’s needed for some cars, while others may need dents and scratches to be repaired.

Size and condition may impact your car detailing cost. A larger SUV is likely to cost more than a regular car. Very dirty interiors may need more services to be restored to an odour-free and stain-free look. Likewise, dented or scratched exteriors may need a more advanced paint protection job.


How do I know when I should wax my car?

If you don’t remember or know the last time your car was waxed, it’s safe to say it’s time for a wax. Unless you’re waxing your vehicle daily, you can’t necessarily over-wax it. 

How often should I wax my car?

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to wax an old or new car twice a year. The best times to wax are right after the first snow and in the first few days of summer. Ideally, you’ll be protecting your paint through the winter from any chemicals on the road and from the heat of the sun during the summer. Once a year, however, will suffice

What if my car just got painted can I wax it?

A: Call the body shop where your car was painted. Depending on when and how the car was painted, you may be fine to wax it or you might need to wait a few months. Always ask the body shop before you begin your waxing process to avoid having to repaint the car.

The car wash soap I bought has wax in it. Should I still wax my car?

Yes. If you think about it, soaps are meant to remove unwanted materials. While some may be formulated to leave a waxy residue, it’s best not to rely on that to keep your paint protected from sun rays and harsh road chemicals. Give your car the most protection. 

Will waxing my vehicle take out the swirl marks?

No. Waxing might help to lessen swirl marks, but they are best addressed through complete paint correction. See your local dealership or detail shop for more information.

Is Wax Bad For a Car?

It is a frequently asked question before asking how to wax a car. In many forums, with many opinions, some said that you should not wax your car, some say yes. So is wax actually bad for your car? The answer is no if you follow all the instructions on the waxing product package.

Why Do You Need To Wax Your Car?

As you know and as you are always recommended to wash your car by some mechanics. You also know the reason why you should do that too. It is the same for waxing a car. We are now presenting you the reason why you should wax your car frequently.

In general, waxing a car includes applying a thin coat of wax to your car’s paint, allowing it to slightly harden, and then buffing it off with a towel or polisher. While it may appear that you’ve removed all the wax from your vehicle’s paint, a thin protective coat will be left behind. Although not visible to the naked eye this protective coat has numerous benefits for your car’s paint.


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